SmartScan Radar extends the award winning SmartScan Lighting Management System

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2020

Another innovative feature has been added to the highly successful Thorlux SmartScan lighting management system. SmartScan Radar uses the very latest high frequency sensor technology which is mounted integrally to the luminaire, negating the need to have the sensor visible from the outside. This is ideal for applications where the luminaire aesthetics are particularly important or where the impact rating of the luminaire is critical. SmartScan Radar uses a 24GHz high frequency sensor to detect movement ensuring fewer detection errors than traditional 5GHz ‘microwave’ solutions. SmartScan Radar even has the ability to provide daylight linked energy savings by turning the luminaire off when sufficient daylight is present, despite the sensor being inside the luminaire.

Thorlux offers a range of luminaires with SmartScan Radar technology for use in a variety of applications. For more information visit the SmartScan Radar webpage.

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