Rhind Building, City, University of London

London, United Kingdom

Thorlux Lighting has worked closely with City, University of London to convert aged light fittings in its Rhind Building on St John Street to the latest energy-saving LED lighting technology.

The Rhind Building houses several lecture rooms and meeting spaces that are in regular use by the university. However, the lighting system comprised outdated fluorescent technology and required updating; besides the recent phase-out of fluorescent lamps from general sale under changes to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (RoHS), the university sought to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon output.

Seeking a sustainable solution, the university wished to keep the existing multi-function chilled beams at the Rhind Building in place instead of replacing them with new fixtures. Thorlux provided tailored retrofits to replace the existing lamps and covers, re-engineering the existing chilled beam chassis. The retrofit was completed in situ by Thorlux engineers and scheduled around lectures and other bookings to minimise disruption to both staff and students.

Thorlux has a long history of providing retrofit and custom lighting solutions, implementing lighting solutions that balance environmental, aesthetic, and economic considerations. Retrofitting offers a circular economy solution which can help minimise waste and keep valuable materials in circulation longer.

A renovated lighting scheme must provide sufficient light levels and uniformity. With modern LED and optical technology, it is possible to significantly improve light levels while reducing energy consumption compared to older light fittings. This renovation also has the added benefit of saving the embodied carbon arising from brand-new light fittings.

Thorlux retrofitted 1,260 luminaires in the Rhind Building, resulting in an energy saving of 94% compared to the old lighting system, with the potential saving of £194,498.72 of electricity each year. The award-winning SmartScan lighting management system now controls the retrofitted luminaires, combining maintained illuminance, daylight dimming and presence detection to maximise energy savings. This change contributes significantly to meeting City’s ESG responsibilities and sustainability goals. Both City, University of London and Thorlux Lighting have separately committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2040.

Applications Covered:

94 %

Energy Saving


125,387 kg COe Reduction

£194,498.72 Anticipated Annual Saving

Systems and Services Used in this Project


Lighting management & emergency monitoring

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