Local mayor visits Thorlux Lighting

Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Thorlux Lighting was delighted to receive a visit from the mayor of Redditch, Councillor Ann Isherwood, on the 12th of January. Cllr Isherwood spent the afternoon touring the Redditch facility, where she was keen to learn more about Thorlux and the investments the company has made in both manufacturing and the local community. While on site, she was shown the extensive manufacturing capabilities along with recent investments Thorlux has made. A key part of this is the extension of the roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system, which now comprises 3138 panels delivering an impressive 1 million kWh. This investment in solar energy will provide 36% of all electricity consumed at the Thorlux facility. On days where demand is lower, excess energy will be fed into the national grid.

Cllr Isherwood also met Thorlux apprentices during her visit. Apprenticeships are a subject close to the mayor’s heart. Thorlux has a long history of fostering the skills of apprentices, combining valuable classroom education and qualifications with real-world, hands-on learning. This development also includes working within many of the different departments at Thorlux to gain an overall appreciation of the business. Many apprentices choose to stay at Thorlux and develop their careers. It is testament to the quality of this programme that many of those now in senior positions at Thorlux started as apprentices.

Finally, Cllr Isherwood saw the 350 square metre Application Centre which includes a variety of spaces used to demonstrate Thorlux solutions, including classrooms, healthcare areas and the fully-interactive Light Quality Experience which highlights the importance of good lighting and its effect on people.

Emergency Demonstration Experience
Thorlux Mobile Experience
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