Redditch Station

Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

London Midland operates train services throughout the heart of England from London to Birmingham, managing 150 stations, operating 1,300 services per day and 70 million passenger journeys a year.

London Midland is embracing new energy-efficient lighting technology to drive a reduction in both energy and maintenance costs, improving the customer environment and reducing its carbon footprint.

Redditch Station is the southern terminus of the Cross-City Line. The manned station consists of one platform, a ticket office, a waiting area and a large car park. High-pressure sodium, metal halide and fluorescent luminaires were previously installed throughout the station.

Redditch Station Case Study

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The Challenge

The primary objectives of the new lighting scheme were to increase the light levels, reduce energy usage and provide a safe and comfortable environment, thus increasing security and passenger confidence. Furthermore, London Midland was keen to reduce its routine maintenance and emergency testing costs.

The platforms presented a particular challenge as they require specific lighting levels and uniformity to comply with current rail standards. The standards also require that the ticket office has a higher-than-average lighting level to meet the needs of the visually impaired and to ensure that both staff and customers can communicate clearly.

The Solution

Thorlux proposed the use of high efficiency LED luminaires combined with SmartScan energy saving controls. Projects utilising the Thorlux SmartScan System can frequently benefit from energy savings in excess of 70% when compared with conventional technology.

High performance LED luminaires were selected for both the internal and external applications. The combination of highly efficient LEDs with superb optical control from the luminaire; putting the light where it is needed most, and efficacies of up to 149 luminaire lumens per circuit watt; double that of conventional luminaires, has dramatically reduced the installed energy load. The luminaires also benefit from lifetimes of up to 100,000 hours, providing many years of reliable lighting.

76 %

Energy Saving


Maintenance costs reduced by 64% per annum


5.3 Years

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