Waalwijk, Netherlands

Lightronics specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of external and impact resistant lighting, which includes street lighting, outdoor wall and ceiling luminaires as well as control systems. The majority of its revenue is derived from the Netherlands but there is also an export presence in other European locations.

Lightronics was established in 1946 and has a strong tradition of solid, reliable products as well as being known for its innovation. Products are environmentally friendly in terms of energy use as well as in the prevention of light pollution.

Applications Covered:

The Challenge

The main aim of the new lighting scheme was to improve lighting levels and minimise energy usage through the use of Smart controls.

The Solution

Thorlux Lighting proposed a new installation that would combine the necessary energy savings with an improved quality of lighting throughout the building. This recommendation was based on installing the Thorlux SmartScan monitoring and management system which incorporates Smart intelligent lighting control. Thorlux SmartScan luminaires have delivered a 71% energy saving compared to the previous lighting installation. Integral Smart sensors monitor ambient light and presence, control output to the correct level, dim and switch when there is sufficient daylight and illuminate only when the area is occupied.

In the warehouse area, by replacing 2x58W fluorescent luminaires with energy efficient Solow LED and Solow XLED luminaires the number of points required was greatly reduced. This resulted in much lower capital and installation costs. The addition of high efficiency Zipline luminaires in the manufacturing area also allowed for the removal of existing task lighting over production benches.

SmartScan automatically controls the emergency lighting test regime, monitoring the status of each luminaire and reporting daily to the SmartScan website. The SmartScan website allows users to view current status information as well as full historic data when required.

71 %

Energy Saving


Significant increase in lighting levels


Lighting energy usage reduced from 65,543 kWh to 19,135 kWh per annum

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