King's College, University of Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom

King's College was founded by King Henry VI in 1441 and is one of the 31 constituent colleges that make up the University of Cambridge. The Cranmer Road site consists of four accomodation buildings and a large garden area.

The pathways adjacent to the residential buildings are illuminated with Passway bollard luminaires. Passway is a very high performance lighting bollard with a contemporary appearance. Contained within the IP66, IK10 head unit, custom designed, high performance optics direct the
light exactly where it is needed. A dedicated lens for each LED ensures the most efficient distribution of light resulting in highly impressive luminaire spacings whilst still maintaining uniformity. Each bollard has two light distribution settings selectable via an internal switch. The area
distribution provides 360° light output whilst the pathway distribution gives 180°. The luminaires located outside the accomodation building utilise the pathway distribution eliminating light polution into the ground floor bedrooms.

The Passway uses Thorlux patent pending FlexBase technology which, during impact, allows it to pivot up to 10° from the vertical, gently returning to the upright position once the force is removed.

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