Road Tunnel Lighting - The Next Generation

Posted on Monday, November 26, 2012

Now that the LED lighting revolution is here, Thorlux has extended its comprehensive range of road tunnel luminaires to embrace the features, advantages and benefits of this technological breakthrough in lighting.

Our precisely controlled and varied optical distributions now allow the tunnel designer to create an enhanced visual scene within a road tunnel environment whilst also increasing the road user comfort, safety and visual guidance throughout the length of the tunnel. Crisp cool white LEDs with a high CRI provides increased clarity of colour and detail reducing the perception of being “enclosed” within a tunnel.

Thorlux, having its own dedicated automated LED production facility, has total control over the placement of LEDs on specifically designed boards to achieve exactly the right amount of light in the right direction. This allows designs to be tailored for any type of tunnel whether it is a long high speed motorway tunnel or short trunk road underpass.

In addition to the LED based luminaires Thorlux has also further developed its HID range extending to fully electronic dimmable 100W through to 600W solutions. Extensive design, testing and research has allowed us to reach an unprecedented level of performance when compared with other current lighting systems available on the market.

For more information please visit TRT Lighting, the latest company within the FW Thorpe Plc Group which has evolved from Thorlux Lighting as an independent specialist company. Building on 75 years of lighting experience they are dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of LED road and tunnel luminaires.

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