Open Factory Areas

Open Factory Areas

CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 1 - Industrial Environment provides guidance on the recommended lighting parameters for many tasks and industries.

Speed of Installation and Flexibility

One approach that works very well is to use a pre-wired trunking, such as Zipline, that allows luminaire sections to be fitted where required. Luminaires can be moved (or replaced with a different version) to ensure flexibility for future changes to layout or work pattern. Lower output luminaires can be installed over walkways and storage areas, with higher output versions of the same luminaire over work areas that require a higher lighting level. This can be further enhanced if SmartScan is used, because each luminaire can be programmed to maintain the correct illumination level for the area and can be reprogrammed easily if layouts change.

Access Issues

The nature of industrial processes often means that access to luminaires is difficult, particularly in applications where production must be stopped to allow safe access. Therefore, good quality products that are designed for long life and that are easy to install and maintain should be selected.

Many Thorlux luminaires are designed to achieve 100,000 hour life, using high quality components and suitably-rated drivers. Thorlux PCB boards are fitted with plug and socket connectors to simplify maintenance.

The five-year warranty provides confidence that Thorlux luminaires will perform as specified with minimal maintenance and down-time.

Energy Efficiency

One common characteristic of industrial projects is long burning hours coupled with high output, high wattage luminaires resulting in comparatively high power consumption and energy bills. Therefore it pays to select the most energy efficient luminaires installed at optimum spacings to reduce power consumption, coupled with a SmartScan lighting management system to reduce wastage whilst still providing the correct lighting conditions for the task.

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