Loading Bays & Storage Yards

Loading Bays & Storage Yards

Distribution facilities are often 24/7 operations. Large articulated vehicles may be manoeuvring at night, so good glare-free lighting is essential to allow this to take place safely. Obstructions and walkways for pedestrians should be clearly lit and identified. At the same time, light pollution is a continuing problem, so lighting should be selected which minimises spill lighting and upward light.

Floodlighting is required at high level to illuminate large ‘service yard’ areas. Floodlights should be mounted at sufficient height to provide good overall illumination levels and a high degree of uniformity. Depending on the height of the building, dedicated illumination of the loading bays can also be required at low level just above the doors.

The Juno B and Juno D luminaires provide all-round light distribution. Juno B can be mounted up to 10m, and Juno D up to 12m. Both have asymmetrical versions for perimeter mounting with minimal backlighting.

Recommended Products for Loading Bays & Storage Yards

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