Server Aisles

Server Aisles

A number of different server rack styles can be used to provide effective cooling. Many new-build data centres alternate hot and cold aisles with air flowing from the cold aisle through the servers to the hot aisle, whilst some older buildings have positive-pressure under-floor cold air supplied through floor grilles coupled with extraction through ceiling grilles.

Careful luminaire selection is needed to cope with the thermal environment.

Choice of Luminaire

Surface luminaires, often mounted on lighting trunking, are commonly used in server aisles. Optical performance is important because the work surfaces are vertical, so luminaires with a wide distribution pattern should be used.

Many data halls have alternate hot and cold aisles. In cold aisles, the ambient temperature is between 15 – 30°C, whilst in the hot aisles it may be between 20 – 40°C.

Luminaires with metal bodies are better for heat dissipation. Suitable products include A-Line, Kanby EVO, Kanby MAX, Kanby PRO, Kanby Zip, Zipline.

Please contact your local sales engineer or the technical helpline for more information.

Illumination levels

Good vertical illumination is required for technicians to work on computer racks, so specifications vary between 200 lux and 500 lux 1 m above the floor, with similar vertical values on the racks.

Extract from CIBSE: SLL Lighting Handbook 2018

Space Recommended maintained illuminance (lux)
Server Aisles Between 200 and 500 lux horizontal and vertical at 1m above the floor
* Many users have their own specifications

SmartScan Lighting Management

Lighting is only needed when technicians need to work on the racks, but all too often large areas are left lit continuously.

In all cases highly efficient lighting, coupled with an effective presence based control system, such as SmartScan Internal can be very effective at reducing costs.

SmartScan provides automatic energy saving control, but also allows technicians to select a higher than normal lighting level when undertaking critical tasks. Additional features, such as Occupancy Profiling and Air Quality Monitoring may also be beneficial.

View SmartScan Internal

SmartScan Internal

SmartScan Occupancy Profiling

Emergency Lighting

A Risk Assessment is needed to determine where emergency lighting is needed. The main escape routes should be illuminated to 1 lux.

In areas with high ambient temperatures, non-maintained emergency luminaires are preferred because the batteries are kept cooler. Suitable luminaires include Firefly Surface, Firefly Plus Surface, Uni-Spot, Duo-Spot and Lexi exit sign.

Emergency Demonstration Experience
SmartScan Van
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