COVID-19 update from Thorlux - Job Retention Scheme

Posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

We have decided that we will not apply for compensation for furloughed employees during this initial period of lockdown, and we will continue to offer all employees normal pay whilst they are not working.

The Job Retention Scheme was introduced to save jobs which, during the Covid-19 lockdown, would otherwise have been made redundant because of a company’s inability to stay afloat, thus keeping people and critical skills within a business.

We believe the scheme is not intended to support businesses that otherwise have sufficient resources to pay their employees and intend to bring their employees back to work after a reasonable period when the crisis ends.

Thorlux is committed to supporting its excellent workforce and, through prudent management of the business over many successful years, has a strong balance sheet with sufficient reserves. Thorlux prides itself on being a responsible corporate employer, and during this time we feel it is important that we contribute to supporting the national effort. This can be done by continuing to provide our goods and services where they are needed, such as our work with the NHS, but also by enabling the government to target its remaining funds to those areas where they are required the most.

Depending on how long the situation continues, this decision will remain under review.

Mike Allcock

Managing Director

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