The food and drink industry covers a challenging range of working environments; final process and packaging halls are spotlessly clean and sterile, whilst some where raw ingredients are initially processed are dusty, oil and fat-vapour laden, damp, corrosive and even hazardous. The ambient temperatures can range from above 50 °C in cooking and processing areas to as low as –30 °C in freezer stores.

Suitable luminaires need to be selected with care.

The objective is often to create a bright, visually stimulating environment because well-lit areas are synonymous with cleanliness whereas dark, dull places are viewed as dirty and unhygienic spaces. In other areas the main requirement is to ensure the luminaires can withstand the environmental challenges.

Legislation And Standards

Food safety is the primary consideration, so it is covered by legislation and standards which need to be considered when designing lighting for food production. There are also specific standards and requirements for many sectors of the food industry. Additionally, many large food producers have developed their own engineering standards.

CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 1 - Industrial Environment provides detailed guidance for Food, Drink and Tobacco industries.

SmartScan Lighting Management

SmartScan can provide a number of benefits in a food production environment. Energy can be saved by turning off luminaires in unoccupied areas, or by dimming and turning them off in areas that benefit from high levels of daylight.

SmartScan scene setting can be used to assign different lighting levels to specific tasks. For example, a higher illumination level may be set for cleaning than is used for production, particularly in areas where the production processes are automated.

SmartScan can also be used to test and monitor emergency lighting, ensuring a safe working environment. Air quality can also be monitored, recording temperature, humidity and CO₂ levels.

SmartScan Internal

SmartScan Emergency

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