Aims of tunnel lighting


Driver comfort

Tunnel lighting should create the correct visual environment for the road user irrespective of the external ambient conditions.


Road safety

The safety of road tunnel users is paramount; traffic needs to enter, pass through and exit the tunnel without any adverse effects to driving characteristics.


Cost saving

With growing concerns over the increasing cost and environmental impact of high energy consumption tunnel lighting that uses less power and produces fewer carbon emissions is essential.


Reduced maintenance

Tunnel lighting should have the longest lifetime possible, minimising the need for tunnel closures and major disruption, thereby reducing maintenance costs considerably.

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Thorlux has historically supplied over 30,000 luminaires worldwide since 1996 and is a major road tunnel lighting supplier to UK and export markets.
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TRT Lighting (Thorlux Road and Tunnel Lighting) has evolved from Thorlux Lighting and builds on an extensive history and expertise in road tunnel lighting.

TRT Lighting

TRT designs, manufactures and supplies highly efficient, environmentally friendly performance lighting products for the road and tunnel sector. The company’s ability to adapt and develop products utilising revolutionary technology reinforces its position as a leading technical lighting provider. Careful planning and design combined with understanding the needs of key end users, contractors and specifiers provides customers with excellent returns on investment.

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UK Projects
M25 Bell Common Tunnel (510m, 1300 luminaires)
A1M Hatfield Tunnel (1.3km, 2200 luminaires)
A3 Hindhead Tunnel (1.8km, 1000 luminaires)
A107 Blackwall Tunnel (1.1km, 800 luminaires)
A505 Weston Hills Tunnel, Baldock (230m, 368 luminaires)
Birmingham Bull Ring Northern (650m, 145 luminaires)
Heathrow (T5) Airside Road Tunnel (1.4km, 1300 luminaires)
Heathrow (T5) Taxiway Bridges 1,3,4,5 & 6 Tunnels (900m, 1350 luminaires in total)
Heathrow Eastern Airside Tunnel (200m, 300 luminaires)
Piccadilly Tunnel (300m, 258 LED luminaires, completed June 2014)
The Strand Tunnel (366m, 145 LED luminaires, completed June 2014)
M20/M25 Tunnel (128m, 336 LED luminaires, completed Feb 2015)
Fore Street Tunnel (320m, 792 LED luminaires, completed April 2015)
Hanger Lane Tunnel (243m, 496 LED luminaires, completed June 2015)
Heathrow Main Tunnels (630m, 1332 LED luminaires, completion due 2016)
Heathrow Cargo Tunnel (953m, 354 LED luminaires, completion due 2016)
Worldwide Projects
N18 Limerick Tunnel, Ireland (675m, 700 luminaires)
N6 Curraghmore Underpass, Ireland (200m, 100 luminaires)
Cherry Street Tunnel, Hong Kong (100m, 700 luminaires)
Cheung Tsing Tunnel, Hong Kong (2.4km, 6000 luminaires)
Western Harbour Crossing, Hong Kong (2km, 5000 luminaires)
Tai LamTunnel, Hong Kong (3.8km, 7500 luminaires)
Tsing Yi South Bridge 3 and Underpass, Hong Kong (100m, 500 luminaires)
Lion Rock Tunnel, Hong Kong (1.4km, 4200 luminaires)
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