SmartScan Emergency

The first-choice luminaire ranges for emergency lighting should be selected from the following dedicated ranges:-

These have been developed specifically for use with the SmartScan system and are suitable for the majority of applications:

Due to their specific design it has been possible to:

Maximise battery life whilst also making these fast change

Design excellent optical control allowing them to be located separately to the main lighting, providing the ideal location rather than a compromised position

SmartScan Emergency Transceiver

However, these ranges are not always suitable therefore Thorlux has developed a SmartScan Emergency Transceiver (SET) which can be mounted in many, but not all Thorlux emergency luminaires. The SET contains an infra-red port for programming and retrieving diagnostics, a wireless transceiver for communication to the mesh network and the Gateway, and a communication port to connect with an integrated DALI emergency module and battery pack.

There are restrictions upon full availability across the entire range relating to our ability to:

Locate the transceiver in such a place that the SmartScan programmer’s infra-red signal can communicate

Convert a standard luminaire in our factory to a DALI emergency type

Our trained Sales Engineers are best placed to offer these solutions within pre-prepared schemes and on quotations.

As a guide, prefixing one of our luminaires with the following codes indicates its emergency type:-

E Standard emergency conversion
T AutoTest emergency conversion
W Wireless emergency conversion suitable for operation within the SmartScan system.

During the update of our brochures for specific ranges, or the main Thorlux catalogue, we will indicate availability of emergency types in the range tables, but this may take some time to fully filter through.

The following product ranges are currently available on normal lead-times: